How to grow an avocado plant from a seed

Hi everyone,
this is the avocado plant I’ve grown from a seed, starting in May, simply by following the instructions I had found on different websites.
Below is how the plant looked yesterday:

This is all you need to grow an avocado plant:
•  a ripe avocado
•  a glass
•  two kitchen skewers
•  a pot
•  soil
•  water
•  patience

Remove the pit from the avocado, wash the seed in tepid water and dry it carefully.
Push skewers into four sides of the seed, hang it into a glass resting the skewers on the glass rim and add lukewarm water until it covers half of the pit.
Then put it in a warm place for a few weeks (this can take circa a month and a half) and change the water every two or three days.

To avoid seeing this ‘voodoo-like’ construction, place the glass on top of a wardrobe where no one can see it but still enough light reaches the seed. Keep changing the water every two or three days. (Make sure the water always covers half of the seed, otherwise it dries out).

After two months (yes, it takes quiet a long time), the seed starts to grow a root into the water and a sprout out of the top of the pit.
That’s when its time to transfer it into a pot with soil.

It takes another two weeks until the avocado develops the first leaf. Avocados grow best when they are well watered.Once you start to water the plant more, the growth starts to speed up. By now, this avocado plant has eight leaves.

So as you see, anyone can grow an avocado as a house plant, it only takes patience at the beginning, but the result speaks for itself.
Apparently avocados grown from seeds can bear fruit, but only after four to six years and the fruits are said to be of lower quality than the one produced by the parent plant.

I hope the next time you eat an avocado you try to grow your own plant. Good luck and do share some pictures – as always I’d love to see them!


3 thoughts on “How to grow an avocado plant from a seed

  1. this was very helpful thank you! i had a question though. the seed on one end is a bit narrower than the other side, which has a flatter side. Does it matter what side of the seed is facing down in the water?


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